May 27, 2023

Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

So here starts a whole lot of truth that you did not know! The installer recieves only a portion of the money that the big stores charges for its install program. Yes it is the truth. The reason for the public using this type type of installs system is because the public or customer just truly doesn’t know what they are doing. Yes it is.It the same truth as jbuy a used car?A truth sound like this– the customer is the same when buying a car or a kitchen sink!

What ? They (meaning the customers) dont know what the hell they are doing. Might be that the coustmers are stupid, or richer than all get out.

The complaint is this read and do your own math

if the install of the basic sink is about

280.00 installers get 188.00

ok sound ggod so far right 46-48 % goes to the big box store. Now if the big store say we will deliver they might want

80.00 installers gets 35.00

oh whats this you did not read the fine print?? NO?

Why?because you are stupid

Same sink sink size same location, not me making it up read the contract, cost shall increase with resonable profit of another 35% on any changes that you have not told us about.So that covers the part where the customers is a freaking liar? Ya that is it in a nut shell, the custome who doesnt know shit about sinks and plumbing doesnt understand the part about defective substructure, superstructure, and points of attachment.

Well look at it this way the same sink in the same locationwhat does that mean in IQ level of about -2 ++ your stupid thats what it means. Your 40 year old sink is not the same as the new sink, the drain holes have moved or the sink is deeper or not so deep as the old one, and now you get to pay for lieing to us at the big store. What ever you do dont lie ot or piss off the installer he has already lost 2 hours because you did not not bring the sink home with you in the first place. Because you was to busing not wanting to pay the delivery fee.

But its not like the installer has not complainend before to the big store about the cost of the kitchen sink and how it is screwing the customer and the installer at the same. Remember the basic install is for the same sink in the same location that covers the basic install. And big business is only interested in makeing their money. The installer is just trying to make a living. And that is was the customer has lied about in the first place. See the big doesnt care if you lie to them, you already a contract based on what you told them. Big business could give a shit they dont care that the sink you bought dont work.YOu paid them already and they will fight to keep money because thats what they are there for.

So the customer gets home and then after the installer is there and asks where all the parts? The customer states, and it is the first thing out the sobs mouth is oh they said they were included and supplied by the installer.

I’m amazed all the time by by the just how plain simple this one sentence is, the cost to the customer is covered by the goods sold, installation sold, to the premise????

Well crap, in english read what they sold you, that rightsyoud think you be able to see that the big store didn’t sell you a new faucet new dispozal or anythng else. What you bought was pig in the poke.

Ok call them and bitch em out, you now get the famous refund rebilled and really screwed. But customers you need to remember it was you’r lying that started this mess in the first place. The salesman or women ask you all the questions. You was just trying to save money right. But whom is the liar in the first place cant be the instller he’s never seen you before , nor has been to your house, because if youd’ve paid the detail to find the real cost for a sink install youd’ve call it quits a long time ago.

So now 2 hours later, 2 wasted trips, the change order, a the delivery of the parts, you refused to carry with might be

122.00 more dollars or even 290.00 more

the big store get another nice 35% more and you aggreed to it when you signed the first contract so shut and pay the bill and quit your crying. See what i mean about your IQ

So don’t be afraid to call your local carpet man, or tile man or roofer or local plumber. Ok now that you understand that its time roll over from bing f, and go back to school and learn how big business really works. Its the car you bought that was driven by the little old lady to church only on sundays.

Oh ok in the furture try and watch out for those big franchise stores, wait wait one more minute, one more truth, watch out for the big franchise, roofers, water hearters, and toilets, and appilance remmember this rule

The bigger the advertizing, inthe paper, the t’v, the phone book, the bill board, anthing that pertains to your house or anything that can get screwed.