Jul 16, 2023

UFC fans show disappointment at new champion Sean O'Malley's guaranteed purse

O'Malley cemented himself as one of the biggest names in the UFC by winning the bantamweight title earlier this month but his pay for the fight has surprised some fans

UFC fans believe Sean O'Malley should be earning a lot more than the $500,000 he was guaranteed for his last fight.

O'Malley, 28, won the bantamweight title earlier this month by knocking out Aljamain Sterling in spectacular fashion at UFC 292. 'Suga' was being written off by many pundits going into the title fight, but he silenced his critics by proving he has the skills to back up his star power.

UFC boss Dana White told O'Malley that he's going to "make a lot of f****ng money" in the cage after his title win, but his official pay for the fight has surprised fans. A public records request filed by MMA Fighting has disclosed the pay of all fighters who competed at UFC 292 and O'Malley was guaranteed $500,000 with no win bonus.

After their first encounter saw Liam Smith knock out Eubank Jr in a major upset, Eubank Jr is now out for revenge. Following months of controversy and bad blood, the two fighters are set to meet once again in a highly anticipated clash and you can watch all the action live this weekend on Sky Box Office.


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"Sean only gets half a million? Damn," one user wrote. "Weili getting more flat than Sean or Aljo is nuts. Not that she doesn't deserve it, but just crazy that women's MMA champs are making that," another user added. "The fact that Aljo and O'Malley got the same is a damn shame," a third user commented.

O'Malley, who is now the only champion on the UFC roster under the age of 30, called for a crossover fight with top boxer Gervonta 'Tank' Davis after his title win. One user brought up his call-out when addressing the official purses by writing: "No wonder Sean is trying to get that boxing bag. Tank makes like 70 times that purse in his last fight alone."

It's likely that O'Malley made a considerable amount of money outside of his guaranteed purse through sponsorship and brand deals. 'Suga' is expected to renegotiate his contract after winning the title as his pay will skyrocket for his next title fight, which could take place at the final pay-per-view event of the year.

White said of O'Malley's star power: "We knew right away, the gate in Boston for his fight was the biggest gate ever in the history of the TD Garden that wasn't the Celtics finals. It was also the biggest bantamweight championship of all-time pay-per-view wise, he's going to make a lot of f****ng money, that's a fact."

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