Aug 06, 2023

PolarPro's New Helix MagLock Filters Take the Hassle Out of Finicky Threads

PolarPro has announced a new series of lens filters called Helix MagLock. A magnet twist-locking filter system, the company says it makes traditional threads a thing of the past.

Helix was designed to be faster and tougher than typical threaded camera filters while also eliminating the hassle that comes with the traditional design, PolarPro says.

“No more cross threading your filters, no more buying multiple filter sizes or step-up rings to accompany your lens collection. Helix solves all these problems,” the company boasts.

The Helix MagLock system requires that all lenses be first outfitted with a Helix base plate that is available in 67, 72, 77, and 82mm. Once that is done, a filter can be selected, attached to that plate with a twist, and photographers are ready to go. The Helix system also promises to allow photographers to use one filter for all lenses since the baseplate is the same size.

PolarPro is so confident in the design, it says that it is five times faster to change out filters than the standard design and 10 times more secure than other magnet-based filters — though it’s not clear how these metrics can actually be accurately measured.

The series features brass filter frames and thread bases, rubber frame inserts that provide more grip compared to aluminum filter frames, the “MagLock” system that binds the filter and thread base together while a quarter turn locks the system into place, and the promise that there is no visible vignette on photos shot down to 17mm with one filter or 19mm with two filters stacked.

“Filters have had the same build for almost a century. You thread ‘em on, you shoot your shot, swap ‘em to the scene and your content instantly becomes better. They’ve become a staple in every photographer and filmmaker’s bag and are not only a want, but rather a need,” Polar Pro says.

“We are now entering into the next era of filters. Filters that are faster to swap, filters that are stronger and can handle any terrain, filters that fit universally between all of your lenses, filters that are just simply ‘Built Different.’”

The filter series is being launched in partnership with well-known photographers, the first of which is Peter McKinnon. The Helix is available with a variety of variable neutral density filters, two Mist filter options, and PolarPro’s BlueMorphic or GoldMorphic filters. Helix MagLock filters are available from PolarPro starting at $200.

Image credits: PolarPro

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