Jul 07, 2023

AEW All In predictions

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All Elite Wrestling is holding their first international PPV in London’s Wembley Stadium on Sunday (Aug. 27, 2023), and they’ve brought back the All In name for the show!

After a free streaming pre-show which starts one hour earlier, the event starts at 1:00 pm ET, and can be purchased on Bleacher Report (and traditional PPV) in the U.S. & Canada, in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. & Ireland, or in all international markets on Fite.

AEW’s brought together an all-star line-up for All In. so we rounded up our motley all-star crew to get their thoughts & predictions on the card!

Let's get to it.

Sean Rueter: The outcome is less important to me than that the show ends with a hug. And I think there’s a much better chance of that here than next week in Chicago. Cole will either win the belt at All Out, or help someone (CM Punk?) win it there. This show should end with Our Scumbag holding up his beloved Triple B. Pick: MJF

Claire Elizabeth: I just want them to stay friends, damnit! But really I’ll take any outcome that doesn’t involve MJF turning to the camera after kicking Cole in the gentleman’s area, cocking an eyebrow, and saying “you didn’t think you could trust the devil, did you?” down the barrel. In light of all that, I’m picking a slow burn here, where MJF either wins by DQ because the Kingdom get into it or barely wins clean after having a crisis of conscience again with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Pick: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Cain A. Knight: Most signs point to an Adam Cole heel turn, and The Biggest Event in Wrestling History should probably end with a title change. Pick: Adam Cole

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Nobody is on the level of the devil. MJF is not a dope. Even though Cole is his best friend, MJF will have his eye out for trickery with an appropriate plan of action. That doesn’t even include MJF’s own reliance on cheating. Pick: MJF

Marcus Benjamin: Adam Cole wins. How he wins, I’m not sure. But I know he walks away with the win even if that’s sans championship. But it’s all prelude to a heel turn. Whether it happens here or at All Out, it’s happening. Pick: Adam Cole

Kyle Decker: I have a theory on how they’re going to book this given they have another PPV in a week and no world title plan. I think Roddy Strong and the Kingdom interfere and either this ends in a DQ or maybe Cole wins without realizing what happened. Then he’s all apologetic and wants to do it again at All Out but this time in a cage or similar stip. That’s where Cole turns heel and aligns with the Kingdom. He’ll walk out of Chicago with the title - just the question is does he win it there or not. I think he wins by the weird DQ at All In and then wins the title officially at All Out. Pick: Adam Cole

Sean Rueter: This probably would have been my pick no matter what, but now it seems like a lock just in case Cash Wheeler needs to be off television for any reason. Pick: The Young Bucks

Claire Elizabeth: The Bucks feel spent and stale, but that probably just means it’s time for them to reinvent themselves once again and prove me wrong. Gotta hand it to those Jackson Boys, they know how to do a comeback! Pick: Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Cain A. Knight: I think the Cash Wheeler road rage arrest is a good enough reason to lean towards the Bucks on this one. Pick: Young Bucks

Manolo H. Pizzazz: This battle for legacy seems to be FTR’s story with the Young Bucks along for the ride. Pick: FTR

Marcus Benjamin: Based on real life events, yeah, this is an easy pick. Pick: The Young Bucks

Kyle Decker: I don’t know if I was going to pick the Bucks before the Cash Wheeler stuff. Punk has a lot of pull and FTR is a main stay defending those belts on Collision. But even though he hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, they kind of have to make the change as that all works itself out, right? Pick: Young Bucks

Sean Rueter: Her reign probably won’t be much longer than Shida’s, but the pop and the headlines make this a no-brainer. Pick: Saraya

Claire Elizabeth: I’m kind of surprised this is the only reasonable hometown hero title change on the docket, but yeah sure, why not, give Saraya her pop. Pick: Saraya

Cain A. Knight: I figured Saraya was winning this belt in Wembley as soon as All In was officially announced. Pick: Saraya

Manolo H. Pizzazz: I don’t get a sense that Saraya is ready to carry the women’s division in the ring. Baker seems to be questionable with wear and tear affecting her work lately. The best moment for this story would be Shida going from zero fans to over 80,000 cheering her success. That assumes the UK crowd won’t be sour about Saraya losing and will go along with the program. Pick: Hikaru Shida

Marcus Benjamin: I mean, come on. Gotta give it to the hometown hero. Pick: Saraya

Kyle Decker: I’ve long thought Saraya was going to win that title. Why not in Wembley. Pick: Saraya

Sean Rueter: This will be wrong, but if anyone can hand the Stinger his first AEW loss, it’s my Captain. Pick: Christian Cage & Swerve Strickland

Claire Elizabeth: Bummed about AR Fox losing this opportunity but that’s what happens with international borders, I guess. Anyway yeah the day Darby and Sting lose one of these I’ll be really surprised. Pick: Darby Allin & Sting

Cain A. Knight: Darby Allin doesn’t lose coffin matches, and Sting doesn’t lose, period. Christian was already buried in a casket by Jungle Boy earlier this year, so I guess now it’s Swerve’s turn. Pick: Darby Allin & Sting

Manolo H. Pizzazz: It’s Sting! Pick: Darby Allin & Sting

Marcus Benjamin: Darby’s ate a lot of crap during this feud. This marks his payback. Pick: Sting & Darby Allin

Kyle Decker: Sting still hasn’t lost a match in AEW and I don’t see it happening here. Pick: Sting & Darby Allin

Sean Rueter: The Bang Bang Gang is heating up, and seem a likely first challenger for new Tag champs The Young Bucks. Plus, we need a reason for Omega vs. Takeshita to take place next Sunday in Chicago. Pick: Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita

Claire Elizabeth: Golden Lovers are a big enough deal that there’s no way they’re dropping one here. So all that’s left is for me to slip my cute little nickname in for our Elite trio here... Pick: Golden Unicorn (“Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, & Kota Ibushi)

Cain A. Knight: The star power on the babyface side is just way too much for the heels to deal with. Pick: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & Kota Ibushi

Manolo H. Pizzazz: A loss by the bad guys would nip this feud in the bud too early. Bullet Club Gold is still establishing themselves as top threats and not just fodder for the superstars. Plus, that slimy Don Callis will be lurking ringside up to no good. Pick: Jay White, Juice Robinson, & Konosuke Takeshita

Marcus Benjamin: There’s no way you bring in Kota Ibushi for this huge event and give him an L. Pick: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & Kota Ibushi

Kyle Decker: No reason not to give the good guys a win in front of a hot crowd in a match that really doesn’t have much juice behind it (even though there’s Juice in it). Pick: The Golden(ish) Elite

Sean Rueter: He’ll be headlining next weekend, so he’s not losing here. Joe is gonna kill him, though. Pick: CM Punk

Claire Elizabeth: Yeah this is just a nice little victory lap for a legendary rivalry at a huge show, we’re not getting a change on a title that only exists to eventually be reintegrated with the main lineage and make it... undisputed. (No I don’t want Adam Cole to beat Punk but it sounds good, don’t it? Now Roddy maybe...) Pick: CM Punk

Cain A. Knight: I just hope Punk can land a better GTS this time. Pick: CM Punk

Manolo H. Pizzazz: This is Punk’s world, and AEW is just living in it. Pick: CM Punk

Marcus Benjamin: I really need this to grow into something bigger. And by “this” I mean this real AEW World title thing. Punk wins so we can eventually get into a championship vs championship match. Pick: CM Punk

Kyle Decker: Given Punk’s fake world title is on the line and Sweet Tooth’s real TV title isn’t, I’m going with Punk. Pick: CM Punk

Sean Rueter: This Brit’s win makes just as much sense as the Norwich lass we all picked above. Pick: Will Ospreay

Claire Elizabeth: Jericho will, as is time-honored tradition, drop the first match and then proceed to get the better of Ospreay at every turn until he finally evens the score. Pick: Chris Jericho

Cain A. Knight: Will Ospreay is the British Bulldog and Chris Jericho is a shitty Bret Hart. Pick: Will Ospreay

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Jericho will be tuckered out after his rock performance with Fozzy. He’ll never recover from the adrenaline dump against a peak athlete. Pick: Will Ospreay

Marcus Benjamin: I’m picking Will Ospreay purely for his promo on Dynamite. How can I not pick a man who says “bruv” with such conviction? Pick: Will Ospreay

Kyle Decker: It feels like Chris would look to put over a talent like Ospreay. Plus, Will holds IWGP gold so it’s tougher for him to take a loss. And given the size of the Callis Family, Chris can be protected in the win if that’s a necessity. Pick: Will Ospreay

Sean Rueter: The good guys should win in the end, but with Kingston just recently back from Japan and the infusion of PnP, I’m not sure this is the end. This could be a way to give the BCC the edge in these big multi-man gimmick affairs before their rivals win the feud with singles victories. Pick: Blackpool Combat Club and Santana & Ortiz

Claire Elizabeth: Part of me wants to think that Santana and Ortiz returning outweighs the merits of letting the babyfaces polish this feud off, but nah. There’s a right and a wrong ending here and the right one is happening. Pick: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, & Trent Beretta), Eddie Kingston, & Penta el Zero M

Cain A. Knight: The Blackpool Combat Club needs to pay for what they did to Rey Fenix. And then Jon Moxley can beat Orange Cassidy for the International title at a later date. Pick: Eddie Kingston, Best Friends, Penta El Zero M, Orange Cassidy

Manolo H. Pizzazz: The Blackpool Combat Club are not losing in the land of their mentor. They will make William Regal proud by dishing out maximum punishment. Pick: Blackpool Combat Club, Santana, & Ortiz

Marcus Benjamin: I want to pick the BCC but once again, they committed a lot of sins. A lot. And bringing back Eddie Kingston means the good guys get the W. Pick: Eddie Kingston, Best Friends, Penta, & Orange Cassidy

Kyle Decker: I’m going to go with team good guys with OC pinning Moxley to set up what feels like an inevitable one on one between the two, maybe at the next PPV. Pick: Best Friends & gang

Sean Rueter: This was a wrap as soon as Billy said “Bad Ass” on Wednesday night. Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Claire Elizabeth: Billy Gunn is going to win a title in front of 80,000 people after doing a retirement angle in the year of our dark lady 2023 and it’s absolutely going to be the right thing and most excellent and everybody’s gonna cheer because everyone loves the Acclaimed. Pick: “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn & the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Cain A. Knight: You can’t pass up on the chance to have a scissoring party with over 80,000 people. Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Not all stories have fairy tale endings. Pick: House of Black

Marcus Benjamin: This is an easy pick for me. Dope story with only one true finish. Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Kyle Decker: Gotta go with the Acclaimed and Billy here, right? After the way they built up this story as Billy Gunn holding Caster & Bowens back? (By the way, this has been a tight story.) Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Sean Rueter: The tale of the tape comes down to entrance music. Ludwig Van Beethoven vs. Action Bronson. My money’s on Bronsolino. Pick: HOOK

Claire Elizabeth: I got a feeling here— HOOK takes it, Wembley goes nuts, and then Jack goes even nuttier. Pick: HOOK

Cain A. Knight: Jack Perry won their first match by cheating on his own. Maybe this time he’ll enlist the services of a very large henchman to seal the deal. Pick: Jack Perry

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Hook will have his moment on the entrance. Perry will have his moment leaving with the FTW title. Pick: Jack Perry

Marcus Benjamin: Love Jack Perry’s heel character but it’s time for him to pay. Pick: HOOK

Kyle Decker: This could be where this chapter closes. If that’s the case, I think the FTW title ends up where it belongs. Pick: HOOK

Sean Rueter: Can’t really see Better Than You BAY BAY as ROH Tag champs, but also can’t see this show starting with the beloved duo losing. Let’s say The Kingdom costs Cole & Friedman here to tease their involvement later Pick: Aussie Open

Claire Elizabeth: Please oh please do the title change and let me believe at least for the duration of the show that they’ll still be friends by the time Dynamite comes around. Pick: Adam Cole & Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Cain A. Knight: If Cole and MJF are presented as losers on the pre-show, then why should anybody take them seriously as the headliners in the main event? They have to win this match. Pick: MJF & Adam Cole

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Something has to happen to set up extra intrigue for the main event. Whether it is miscommunication, injury, or questionable treachery between MJF and Cole, Aussie Open will benefit for victory. Pick: Aussie Open

Marcus Benjamin: I’m all for juicy stories so I want MJF & Cole for the win here. Putting the championships around their waist makes a more interesting main event while also putting more emphasis on the heel turn. Pick: Better Than You Bay Bay

Kyle Decker: Given I think we’re heading to a breakup of Better Than You Bay Bay, it doesn’t make sense for them to win tag titles. (Though it could be interesting.) Pick: Aussie Open

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

ShareSean Rueter:Pick: MJFClaire Elizabeth:Pick: Maxwell Jacob FriedmanCain A. KnightPick: Adam ColeManolo H. PizzazzPick: MJFMarcus BenjaminPick: Adam ColeKyle Decker: Pick: Adam ColeSean Rueter:Pick: The Young BucksClaire Elizabeth:Pick: Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)Cain A. KnightPick: Young BucksManolo H. PizzazzPick: FTRMarcus BenjaminPick: The Young BucksKyle Decker: Pick: Young BucksSean Rueter:Pick: Saraya Claire Elizabeth:Pick: SarayaCain A. KnightPick: SarayaManolo H. PizzazzPick: Hikaru ShidaMarcus BenjaminPick: SarayaKyle Decker: Pick: SarayaSean Rueter:Pick: Christian Cage & Swerve Strickland Claire Elizabeth:Pick: Darby Allin & StingCain A. KnightPick: Darby Allin & StingManolo H. PizzazzPick: Darby Allin & StingMarcus BenjaminPick: Sting & Darby AllinKyle Decker: Pick: Sting & Darby AllinSean Rueter:Pick: Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke TakeshitaClaire Elizabeth:Pick: Golden Unicorn (“Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, & Kota Ibushi)Cain A. KnightPick: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & Kota IbushiManolo H. PizzazzPick: Jay White, Juice Robinson, & Konosuke TakeshitaMarcus BenjaminPick: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page & Kota IbushiKyle Decker: Pick: The Golden(ish) EliteSean Rueter:Pick: CM PunkClaire Elizabeth:Pick: CM PunkCain A. KnightPick: CM PunkManolo H. PizzazzPick: CM PunkMarcus BenjaminPick: CM PunkKyle Decker: Pick: CM PunkSean Rueter:Pick: Will Ospreay Claire Elizabeth:Pick: Chris JerichoCain A. KnightPick: Will OspreayManolo H. PizzazzPick: Will OspreayMarcus BenjaminPick: Will OspreayKyle Decker: Pick: Will OspreaySean Rueter: Pick: Blackpool Combat Club and Santana & OrtizClaire Elizabeth:Pick: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, & Trent Beretta), Eddie Kingston, & Penta el Zero MCain A. KnightPick: Eddie Kingston, Best Friends, Penta El Zero M, Orange CassidyManolo H. PizzazzPick: Blackpool Combat Club, Santana, & OrtizMarcus BenjaminPick: Eddie Kingston, Best Friends, Penta, & Orange CassidyKyle Decker: Pick: Best Friends & gangSean Rueter:Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy GunnClaire Elizabeth:Pick: “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn & the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)Cain A. KnightPick: The Acclaimed & Billy GunnManolo H. PizzazzPick: House of BlackMarcus BenjaminPick: The Acclaimed & Billy GunnKyle Decker: Pick: The Acclaimed & Billy GunnSean Rueter:Pick: HOOKClaire Elizabeth:Pick: HOOKCain A. KnightPick: Jack PerryManolo H. PizzazzPick: Jack PerryMarcus BenjaminPick: HOOKKyle Decker: Pick: HOOKSean Rueter:Pick: Aussie OpenClaire Elizabeth:Pick: Adam Cole & Maxwell Jacob FriedmanCain A. KnightPick: MJF & Adam ColeManolo H. PizzazzPick: Aussie OpenMarcus BenjaminPick: Better Than You Bay BayKyle Decker: Pick: Aussie Open