Aug 10, 2023

I can turn you into Barbie with a $120K 'plastic package'

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“Life in plastic — it’s fantastic,” as the ’90s pop classic “Barbie Girl” once hyped.

As audiences across the nation ready for a summer of “Barbie” movie mania, one plastic surgeon on Long Island is offering a dream surgery that will transform patients into the legendary pink-loving doll — for the price of $120,000.

The plastic package offered by Dr. Scott Blyer of Cameo Surgery Center in Islandia touts a choice from one of three body surgeries, a facial surgery and the opportunity to get “classic barbie hair” in addition to pink nails and a teeth whitening.

“For some it may just be a breast lift or Brazilian butt lift,” Blyer, 49, told The Post. “For others, it’s liposuction with a breast augmentation and a couple of facial modifications.”

There is also a male — or “Ken” — variation of body liposuction, six-pack etching, fat transfer to chest, in addition to jawline and cheek filler. The tally: $110 thousand.

Patients — both men and women — get chauffeured to and from the surgery in a pink Corvette. Men may request a different color.

The plastic package’s inspiration comes comes from a, well, interesting point of origin.

‘You walk out looking as close to Barbie as we could possibly do it. There’s some assembly required.’

“There is a procedure on the labiaplasty for women after pregnancy. Many times, their vagina lips get stretched out — we trim them and they can look cute and we say all the time ‘you’re going to look like Barbie,’ ” Blyer said.

“That seemed to like really connect with a lot of people. When the movie was announced, we tried to rethink of a way to sort of package everything as a group deal.”

The connection is especially ironic considering that “Barbie” star Margot Robbie has said the iconic doll “doesn’t have reproductive organs.”

Regardless, the “dream surgery,” as it is billed, already has a ton of “buzz” with patients ready to invest the small fortune in the upgrade, according to Blyer.

“Who doesn’t want to be a perfect Barbie doll, especially in this day and age? Being told you look like Barbie is the ultimate compliment,” Alexa Tiefenworth — a 29-year-old real estate agent from Astoria who is investing in the procedure — told The Post.

Putting it bluntly, Tiefenworth — who has already converted her entire apartment to Barbie pink — justifies the hefty price tag, saying “I think being beautiful definitely gets you a little bit further in life. I’ve always wanted to live the Barbie life, it’s the ultimate goal.”

She also anticipates the surgery will give her an edge when it comes to flipping properties as it will “definitely attract some new clients.”

Meanwhile, Tiefenworth’s boyfriend couldn’t be more on board, she boasted.

“If you want the honest answer, yes, he’s most excited about the boobs,” Tiefenworth said, adding that she would “support” if he opted to get the Ken getup.

Meanwhile, Daniela Martinez, a 29-year-old bartender from Bayside, is getting the surgery as she’s “definitely looking for my Ken.”

Martinez, a devout Barbie lover since childhood in her native Colombia, believes the surgery will inspire her to be more confident when it comes to not only finding a man — but finding herself as well.

“The better I look, the better I feel,” she succinctly said, adding that her family quickly funded the procedure.

“I said ‘mom, I want to do this, would you be able to support me?’ She said okay fine,” Martinez told The Post. “To look like her, that’s all I want … I’ve even been thinking about doing modelling after [the surgery].”

Blyer vouches that while the branding is indeed “cute,” to say the least, the surgery package is in fact the real blond deal.

“You walk out looking as close to Barbie as we could possibly do it. There’s some assembly required.”

“Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie as the title character and fellow Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling as her Ken, hits the big screen July 21.

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